Pet Odor & Stain Removal Services

We Can Help You

  1. Light Odor Treatment
  2. Heavy to Extreme Odor Treatment
  3. Pad Replacement
  4. Floor Sealing
  5. Carpet Replacement

The first thing we do to find pet urine odor is to find the pet urine stain we perform a UV Black light inspection this light allows us to see invisible pet urine stains on the carpet before any carpet cleaning is performed. We check the walls for traces of pet urine that may have been sprayed on by cats or territorial markings by dogs, we check the hard floors and carpet for pet urine deposits so we know exactly where and how much pet urine we are dealing with so we can determine what method or pet odor removal treatment would be best to resolve your pet odor problem.

We have several pet odor treatments that fall under the carpet cleaning and we welcome small jobs, we also restore carpets that are severely damaged by pet odor.

We do pad replacement and seal the floor with a special odor sealer so the pet urine trapped in the subfloor does not permeate back into the freshly cleaned and deodorized carpet. We also do carpet repairs so there is no job to large!

Our job is to help the Denver Home Owner make the most practical and cost effective decision to remedy the pet urine odor damage in your home so it will be 100% pet urine odor free so if you think your cat urine odor or dog urine odor is to far gone don’t worry we can still help you with a solution that you can live with.