What is Pet Urine Odor?

from Cats and Dogs

Pet urine can seep through carpet padding and down to the Sub-floor beneath. Pet urine can delaminate a carpet and can cause rotting of carpet backing. Even after a thorough cleaning, pet urine stains and odors often remain.

Pet urine is an amber-colored liquid waste and is composed of waste products of protein metabolism.

The color of pet urine and its staining potential will often depend on

  1. Dietary habits
  2. Age and sex of the pet
  3. Whether the pet is on medication
  4. Cat diets are richer in protein than dog diets

Cat urine will produce harsher odors and are more likely to cause stains.

Unlike dogs, cats do not urinate for territorialism. This behavioral pattern in male cats is accomplished by spraying primarily on vertical surfaces. Although spraying is typically done on a vertical surface (such as a couch and the walls), it could also conceivably come in contact with a carpet.

Finding the exact source of a pet urine odor can be very difficult. Ameraclean has available AC black light (UV) pet urine stain detectors available to readily find the exact spots. Pet urine stains, under a black light, glow very distinctly. However, because these lights are very weak, it is best to turn off all lights and close the curtains when using black lights. We strongly suggest that the customer be with us during this inspection.